“When the water fills the clouds, then they call on lightning! When the rain needs to pour, then they call on me! And I crackle, and I flash… people think I’m frightening… when I dance through the clouds and send the rain free!”

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May 21, 2004, 11:04 PM

You know the story. Thunder blows its giant trumpet, and then…

“I must dance my dance… at last I am set free! It’s my chance to dance (to dance his dance!) where the whole world can see me! I can flash through the sky… and light up the heavens…”

Yes, it rained today. Specifically, we had some mighty thunderstorms. It’s not often that you can see lightning through the skylights at Wal-Mart. It’s also not often that you can hear the rain on the roof from the salesfloor at Wal-Mart. Usually you can hear the rain on the roof in the back room, since it’s usually quiet back there. But to hear it over the din of the customers is is something else. You know that it’s got to be raining hard for that to happen. And it was LOUD on the roof, too! And to hear thunder loud and clear in the store is another thing.

And the ride home was just fun. Raining and all that all the way home, with lightning flashing all over the sky, really lighting up the sky. If only I had Big Mavica and a tripod with me to get a long-exposure shot of it all. And watch me get zapped in the process. It would be a heck of a way to go, though.

Meanwhile, I don’t know where there’s more water – on the outside of me or on the inside of me. I have become quite adept at draining my 64-ounce mug with water facts on it. I can fill that thing up, and then in about an hour, I’ll have drained it. And you know what they say… water is the thing that keeps things going. When I’m not swimming around in it like at Lake Moomaw, I’m consuming quantities of it in my mug. And water helps keep you healthy.

And now I get to engage in adult activities.

No, not that kind of adult activities.

I get to do things that adults do. I get to pay bills! Yay… everyone wants money from me. Yeah, life in the adult world costs money.

And speaking of things we do as adults, in eight days (May 30, to be specific), I turn 23. Another birthday. As was the case last year, it’s just another number. I’ve hit 21 already, having taken care of that in 2002. 22 came last year. Now 23 is the one coming up. And what can I say? It’s not a big birthday. It’s just another step towards forty. Yippee. But I am going to Washington DC the day before. That’s going to be fun.