Tomorrow, my own personal hell will be over…

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May 17, 2004, 10:44 PM

In case you’re wondering, since Saturday, I have been without my Previa after a brake pad fell off in the driveway. As a result, I have been without wheels, and have had to bum rides from the family to and from work. It SUCKS. See, my parents are using it as an excuse to bring up all the unpleasant topics they would like to bring up all the time, but can’t because I can leave. Now that I’m a captive audience, they used it as an opportunity to bring them up. Makes for a very long drive to Wal-Mart.

It’s best exemplified by this trip home from Wal-Mart, as said by Mom in the car: “So when are you going to lose some weight?”

Realize I’m not a fan of questions about weight in the first place, and I especially don’t give any weight to comments about it from Mom, since she seems to be obsessed with everything that goes into everyone’s bodies, and is obsessed with the appearance of everyone’s bodies.

These rides could be quite painless, and we could talk about fun things like my Web site, or Metro, or about whatever, but instead my parents bring up all the unpleasant topics. Not fun.

So you know, the car gets fixed on Tuesday. Then I’ll have my wheels and as a result have my freedom once again.

Otherwise, though, work has been good, and life online has also been good. My coworkers all say that the dream about the Service Desk that I described to you all earlier is a result of spending WAY too much time at work. I very much need these next two days, where I’m off work. And that dream really caused me to toss and turn in bed, considering that the sheets were all pulled out and in a bit of a wad when I woke up. All in all, a weird dream.

And then on Wednesday, with a revitalized car, I am going to Covington, where I’m going to go out to Lake Moomaw. Why Lake Moomaw? Because it’s a nice place that I’ve not visited in a while, it’s a nice photography location, plus it’s supposedly going to be a decent day. I hope it does turn out nice, since I want to get some pictures and possibly also take a dip.

And in case you’re wondering, I go to Lake Moomaw in Covington instead of Sherando Lake right nearby because I don’t want to be bothered by people I know, and Sherando Lake is frequented by lots of people I know. It helps me to relax that way. Don’t ask me why, but it just does.

So there you go. Fix the car, then take the fixed car out to relax. But you have to put A before B, because I’m sure not walking to Lake Moomaw…

Web site: Web site about fishing at Lake Moomaw. Note: I don't fish.

Song: Old TGIF theme song

Quote: "This sucks. I can't wait for my car to get fixed."

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