Rubber Duckie’s got a big mustache now…

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May 15, 2004, 12:24 AM

First of all, take a look. Then I’ll explain.

Duck mustache gift card

This is Wal-Mart’s new “Baby Gift Card”, the latest style of the Wal-Mart Shopping Card. I personally liked the “music” style, that we had a few weeks ago, but these are cute, too.

At the Service Desk, we mark our cards for refunds, and that job was mine to do. In a silly moment, I put the big “R” for refund on there, but then also decorated the duck’s upper lip with a big mustache. The things we can do with a Sharpie… it is amazing.

And it seems based on my handiwork that I gave the duck a good mustache, too. I made it look like he spent a lot of time waxing that mustache to make it curl up like that.

I showed it to a few coworkers, and the mustache seemed to be a hit with everyone, ranging from amused to comments of “you’re not right”. But all in all, it went over well.

You know how it is. There are some things we just don’t outgrow sometimes. And I decided to continue the time-honored tradition of doodling mustaches on things.

And I thought my mustache was so good, in fact, that after work, I took the card through a line and put some money on it, which I’ll use another day.

Web site: I swear I was looking for "drawing mustaches" in Google. But instead I found good old Strong Bad, drawing mustaches on the Homestar shirts.

Song: "You are my shining star" from that Handycam commercial

Quote: "You're never too old to doodle mustaches on things..."

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