Dumb, dumb, dumb animals…

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May 12, 2004, 9:58 PM

People really need to get a handle on their animals. On the way home from work, I nearly ran over two rabbits, three cats, and a dog. I didn’t actually hit any of them, thank goodness, though one of the cats was a very close call. We can’t fault people for the rabbits, since they’re wild, but for the cats and the dog, geeeeeeeeeez… People need to keep better tabs on where their animals are because it would really be a shame for them to get run over. I really don’t want to do it. Hit a skunk one time on the way home from Harrisonburg, and that was just ugly. And stinky. But people’s pets out on the road, that’s just unacceptable. People should show a little more love towards their pets and keep them out of harm’s way. That’s what we do with Greta. She has the whole house to roam around in, and her fenced-in yard, keeping her inside and safe, and keeping other things out.

Otherwise, though, tomorrow morning comes early, as I once again work the 7-4 shift, after three blissful days working the 11 AM to 8 PM shift at the Service Desk. I love that 11-8 shift. Not too early, and not too late. So tomorrow morning, I got up early.

Also, I just finished watching the episode of Roseanne where Becky allegedly flips off the camera for the class photo, but it turns out to be the guy next to her. And Roseanne gets chewed out by the principal and told she’s a bad mother for Becky’s supposedly giving the finger to the camera. In the principal scene, the principal says that the parents want the school to re-shoot the photo at the school’s expense, and that a re-shoot wasn’t in their budget. Sounds to me like a tremendous money-saver and headache-saver would simply be to not shoot a class photo. Since teens will be teens. And you have to be pretty na├»ve to not think that a bunch of teenagers in one room with a chance to show off won’t seize the opportunity. After all, several teens in one room share one brain. I should know this. I used to be a teenager. And I’ve seen immature teenagers misbehave. So the way to handle it is not to give people the opportunity to misbehave. Trust me, the temptation is less when you don’t have the opportunity.

So there you go. Anyway, the morning comes early…

Web site: The Roseanne episode in question

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