Twelve hours at work…

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May 4, 2004, 12:56 AM

This is what happens when we don’t have enough help at the Service Desk. So I worked extra beyond my regular shift to cover the Service Desk. And I did pretty darn well, too. Sometimes on a regular day, I get fatigued in the last couple of hours. On days when lunch doesn’t agree, I get fatigued soon after lunch. This, by the way, led to my no-rich-foods-for-lunch rule, which came about after I ate some of the very rich (and very expensive) “Cherry Cheese Delight” that we sell at the Deli proceeded to not agree with me, and wrecked the entire second half of my day.

Still, today I was going like gangbusters from 11:00 AM when I came into work, through my hour-long lunch break where I had a hoagie and some fruit, and right on through to 11:00 PM when I finally was able to get the heck out of my little Service Desk cave.

And just think… I’ve made it through however many days I was scheduled for, and now I’ve made it to my two days off! And what am I going to do for these days off? Gooooooooooood question! I know that I’m going to spend at least a little time on the phone, trying to find a good price for a garage to put new brake pads on the Previa. Additionally, I need to also find someone who can look at my car’s air conditioner and tell me what’s wrong with it. Since trust me… no air conditioning during the warmer months is HELL. And considering that the air conditioning was weak in 2002 and non-existent in 2003, I have a feeling it may just need a “recharge”. Of course, it might just be more than that, which means it can get quite pricey.

What else? Well… maybe Charlottesville. I haven’t been over there in a while, plus I need to check out the Casual Male store plus check out Belk in order to see if they have some stylish pants for me to wear. All in all, I think I can make the best of these two days, and enjoy my time off. Then I can come back to work and be refreshed and ready to come back to Customer Service, where we service the customers.

But right now, I need some sleep. It’s late…

Web site: Charlottesville Ice Park. Nice place, and I photographed there in 2002 for a Photo Essay Blitz set.

Song: "Thank You For Being A Friend", sung by Andrew Gold

Quote: "I had a 12-hour shift today! Whooooooooooo..."