Today was a good day!

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April 22, 2004, 5:42 PM

What can I say? It was payday. Payday always a good thing.

Interesting thing today was the amount of Today’s Special references I inadvertently threw in at work today at the Service Desk.

For instance, someone brought up a toy shark to the Service Desk for us to send off to get put back. I commented, “There’s that guy from my fin club again.” I don’t recall which episode of Today’s Special it’s from, but the reference is from a 1984 or 1985 episode, with Sam referring to that shark we occasionally see in his computer room.

Another one was to a coworker friend later on in the day, where I said, “The only person I know who lives in a department store is a mannequin and wears a magic hat!” Customer overheard me and recognized the reference as being to Jeff the mannequin, and mentioned a Web site about Today’s Special that they thought I should visit. That was amusing, because the Web site they were referring to turned out to be my own. Small world.

Meanwhile, I usually try to pay attention to what stores that Wal-Mart receipts come from, since it’s kind of neat to see. One receipt came from Christiansburg, which I’d never gotten at work before (I’ve seen ones from that from my own trips there), and then I had one receipt from Texarkana, Arkansas. Usually the way I recognize which receipts come from which stores are by the manager’s name at the top. Ours say “Manager Brian Roberts” on them. Staunton’s say “Manager Matthew Trautwein” on them. Then Christiansburg’s says “Manager Brian Tickle” on it. I really like seeing exotic Wal-Mart receipts. But anyway, this one said “Manager Cynthia Brown” on it, and had a phone number with an 870 area code. Kinda neat. I also think it’s neat that while most Supercenters say “S U P E R C E N T E R” (spaced out like that) on the receipts, some don’t.

As you can tell, I really am a Wal-Mart buff, independently of working for them.

Plus, you’ve got to love the Today’s Special references. Fin club…

Web site: Summary of the episode "Dancing Shoes" with mention of Mannequins on Parade, which I sang in the car on the way home

Song: Mannequins on Parade

Quote: "There goes that shark again..."

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