What a rube…

April 18, 2004, 9:13 AM

I love using words that have generally fallen out of use sometimes, and rube is a favorite of mine.

And I certainly did run into quite a rube today after work. I went up to the Blue Ridge Parkway after work to kind of gather my thoughts and such on one of the overlooks. It’s nice up there. It’s dark, it’s peaceful, and it’s quiet.

Then this fellow showed up at the overlook. God knows how many tattoos this guy had, plus he’s driving an old beat-up Ford Bronco (big thing). And he’s got the radio cranked up loud. He parks his car at my overlook. That radio is still turned up loud.

What a rube. How unsophisticated could he be? We came up to the parkway in part for the quiet! You could just tell by how flamboyant tattoo-man was with his music that he wouldn’t understand the idea of turning it down, so that unfortunately was the end of my night on the parkway, since his music was that much of a disturbance. A shame, indeed.

Otherwise, though, my sister was here this weekend, and she will be back here next weekend, too. Gotta love that. And it looks like she might just get to work with me at Wally World this summer. The person who interviewed her for her first interview didn’t believe me to the extent it was when I said she was quite different from me. The interviewer said to me later, “I was expecting a female version of you.” So that was interesting.

Meanwhile, Dad made a suggestion for me in regards to the car. Before getting a radio, have someone look at the non-working A/C. Since he seems to think that it may just need a recharge. That would be nice to have air conditioning again, since my car is quite hot during the summer.

And of course, having me driving around in a hot car would give me quite a hot body, which would make me quite a hottie. What do you think? My oven of a vehicle during the summer could make me into the greatest hottie on the face of the earth. Women would be unable to resist me!

Or as my sister would say, “No”.

Well, it was worth a shot.

Web site: Rube Watch, which, according to their site, is here "to expose the threat of rubery worldwide."

Song: I don't know any good songs about rubes.

Quote: "What kind of a rube do you think I am?"