I place a strong value on consistency.

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April 17, 2004, 12:14 AM

I have come to the conclusion that Wal-Mart could schedule me just about any weird hours that they want, just as long as I can have those weird hours for a few days in a row. For instance, this Saturday, April 17, marks the third day in a row that I will be working 2 PM to 11 PM. And then Sunday I do that schedule again. It’s nice because it gives me a chance to adjust and get a routine. Just like if I work 11 AM to 8 PM, I like to do that for a few days in a row, which I actually did last week. I think I could even do the 7 AM to 4 PM shift just fine, if I had it more than one day at a time. Usually when I work an early-morning shift (yes, 7 AM is early for me), I get it for like one day, and that is usually surrounded by evening shifts.

What gets me all screwed up is when my work schedule is all over the place, working early morning and late evening in the same week, often on adjacent days. I try to come to work fresh as a daisy every day. Of course, I shower with soap and all that, and would do no less, since I place a high emphasis on grooming and looking good, making sure that when I pass through those sliding doors in the morning that everyone looks at me and admires how nice I look and smell.

But when I say “Fresh as a daisy” in this case, I mean feeling it. You know how it is. Some days, you just are kind of dragging, and need a few swift kicks to get going. Other days, I am just light on my feet, and just all sunny and really exemplifying our happy-face mascot.

And consistency is what keeps me running full-steam-ahead.

Meanwhile, I’m still working on uploading the forums to their new location on my site. Same forums, but at a far more convenient URL.

Web site: DSN Retailing Today, showing a Wal-Mart in Los Angeles that is three stories and attached to a mall. Yes, this is really a Wal-Mart!

Song: Sakura Saku

Quote: "Yes, I work at Customer Service, where we service the customers." - Me in the break room to another associate. Note how I said "Customer Service" instead of "Service Desk". I much prefer the term "Service Desk" over the name "Customer Service".

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