The van is MINE!

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April 13, 2004, 4:18 AM

It is official! The van is now MINE and MINE ONLY! So now to just figure out when to start cleaning it up/out. Since now that it’s mine, I need to take some serious ownership in it. I also need to put the new temporary license plates on it, and take off the old ones.

Yes, temporary plates. I actually have “multi-use” tags right now that are made of cardboard that DMV issued me. I have yet to put them on, since I’m waiting for either time in the garage, or some nicer weather. Either way, since these are cardboard, I don’t want to mess ’em up putting them on the car while it’s all soggy. Thus to give them a fighting chance of survival until my real license plates come in (customized, as always), I’ll put them on while the car is dry.

Then once the new plates come in after a few weeks, off with the cardboard tags, and on with the new! And also by then, my new license plate frames should have arrived, which will make it all just look really smooth.

So that’s the highlight of my day yesterday, making the car mine in title, and ordering my new license plates.

And next up? Another DC trip. I enjoy those.

Web site: ACME License Plate Maker

Song: One of the "New Car" themes from Price is Right

Quote: "It's MINE!"

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