Good morning!

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April 12, 2004, 4:33 AM

My goodness, I hate mornings! But that’s what my day’s going to be today, as I have to work the 7 AM to 4 PM shift at the Service Desk. I don’t know what it is about me, but I’ve never been able to handle the mornings like I do the afternoons and evenings. I so can’t stand mornings. I’m no good before at least 10:00. Those 11 AM to 8 PM shifts on the Service Desk have spoiled me. Thankfully, though, I don’t get these early shifts that often.

Also, I had an interesting thing happen to me last night. I was investigating a troublemaker on the forums, and was zapping some rather obscene posts that this individual posted. All of a sudden, the posts reappeared, plus the forum went out of maintenance mode (which basically turns off the boards temporarily), which I put it in while Entangled Web moved me to a new server.

Turns out that while I was working, the DNS change, which usually takes a couple of days to propagate across the Internet, reached me while I was working on the forums. Thus I went from my site on the old server to my site on the new server. And in an area that made it through just fine.

The forums weathered the move just fine, but you know one thing that didn’t? The main site. Now before the DNS change reached me, I had made a small change to the splash page on only the new site (changing the © date to 2004, which I’d been meaning to do for a while) so I would know that it had cut over. Turns out I didn’t need to. The site looks like a bomb hit it! Basically what happened is when they moved my site, they didn’t get it all over there in all the right places. So now I have to fix it all up and get it running right again.

Analogy: Remember that episode of Pee-Wee’s Playhouse when Conky the robot was not working correctly, initially printing out “GRRRRRRRRRR” as the secret word (instead of “GREAT”)? Pee-Wee tried to fix it himself, and had Conky scattered all over the playhouse and got nothing accomplished except making a mess. Then the King of Cartoons, after Pee-Wee asked him if he knew how to fix a Conky 2000, looked in the owner’s manual and found the number to the Authorized Conky Repairman. The Authorized Conky Repairman, played by Jimmy Smits, fixed him up just fine, because, as he said, “He has the right tools, and he knows how to use them.

So thus we have my situation. Imagine my host is Pee-Wee Herman (by the way, I do respect the people who host my site, and think they do a great job). They had great intentions, and did set my site up up on the new server, but they managed to kind of scatter my site all over the place. Thus you have me, the Authorized Conky Repairman, who has the master for the site (I do all my updates locally and then upload them), and has an intimate knowledge of the site.

The only thing I’m missing in this picture is Miss Yvonne, with her “I’m sure there’s something you can fix around my house. And if not, we can break something!” but that’s another story altogether…

I’m going to play Authorized Conky Repairman on Tuesday, since it will take a few hours to fix stuff. With this early shift at work, I couldn’t do it last night (or I’d be up all night and then tired at work), and today is out, too. So thus I have an appointment with my Web site on Tuesday. My Web site is like a child, don’t you know. When the child (or Web site) is hurt or not feeling well, you aren’t feeling totally whole yourself, either.

And now, time to go to work. At least I don’t get the mornings all that often. Otherwise, it would be really rough…

Web site: A Web page with some fun sounds from Pee-Wee's Playhouse. One is of Conky starting up. "Conky 2000! Ready to assist you, Pee-Wee!"

Song: The sound of a CAF train from the Metro in DC taking off.

Quote: "Can I use your drill?" "No, that's for Authorized Conky Repairmen only." - Exchange between Pee-Wee and Jimmy Smits (his character's name was Johnny Wilson) while the latter was fixing Conky, and the former was being a bother to the latter.