Server moves and long lines…

April 11, 2004, 12:09 AM

Well, today was an interesting day. The day before Easter in Waynesboro reminded me of just before Christmas in Staunton. Totally slammed. My father even commented to me when I got home that he drove past Wal-Mart and it looked like we were mobbed. My reaction? “You’re not kidding!”

On the Service Desk, our line was “out the door”, curling out of our little cave and out to near the restrooms. And that’s with three of us on there. Talk about busy.

And I also got to be a cart pusher for about an hour and a half. I, along with a cashier, helped one of our regular cart pushers with clearing the lot. I’d done it once before, and helped show the cashier (who’d never done it before) how to use our cart machine (which basically pushes a long line of carts automatically). And so in showing her the ropes, I tell her, “Make sure you’re not standing in front of the cart machine when you start it up, and don’t get in front of the cart machine to stop the carts. It will knock the wind out of you.” And the biggest offender when it comes to doing that is me. Without even thinking, I’ll be standing in front of it, staring at the machine, and start it up with the remote control, and have to quickly get out of its way. Or we’ll be taking it with a line of carts to the next cart corral to load them onto the machine. Without even thinking, I get in front of it to try to stop it, quickly realize I’m going to get run over, and then quickly get out of the way again. I nearly got the wind knocked out of me by that thing today, but I managed to get away in time. Yeah, I can be a great example sometimes. Watch me tell you how to use the cart machine safely, then watch as I show you how I learned the power of that cart machine. But we got the job done, and I managed not to get killed while doing it.

Then I get home, and we’re still working on the transition from old server to new with Schumin Web. This new control panel is somewhat interesting, since I can control so much more than before on my own, and I can really tailor the site to exactly how I want it. It will be niceā€¦ when it works.

So there’s my day. Meanwhile, I’m going to Washington DC on Wednesday, and I can’t wait. I’m going up to Shady Grove to look at the Shady Grove Yard, and seeing what signs of spring I can find. Besides, I just love Washington. You know me. I really do want to live there one day.

Web site: A cart pusher machine similar to the one we use. Same concept, but ours looks a whole lot cooler.

Song: Cosby Show Season 5 theme

Quote: "Don't drive like my brother." "Don't drive like my brother!" - The Car Talk guys, with their standard end-of-the-show lines. Fitting, considering me and the cart machine.

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