And one more thing – I broke out the sandals for the first time this year…

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April 7, 2004, 2:14 AM

April 6 also marked the first time I broke out the sandals for the 2004 season. My sandals are Earth Shoe brand, which I bought in 2002 in the Dayton Wal-Mart.

Why 2002? I bought two pairs of sandals for that year, and only used one. Then in 2003, because of all the rain we had that summer (it was a LOT of rain), I never wore sandals that year. So thus for breaking out the sandals, I pulled out these two-years-in-reserve sandals. They still look good, and you can’t tell that they’re from two seasons ago.

And I, being the geek that I am, wore socks with them today. Yes, socks. But hey, socks help keep sandal odor away, and that can smell really foul. And additionally, if I can keep sandal odor away, that means I can get away with not having to buy sandals mid-season.

Web site: Earth Shoe. It might be worth noting that they do sell men's shoes, but for some odd reason, they only show women's shoes on their site.

Song: "A Dollop, A Dollop", a jingle for a margarine spread on TV

Quote: Just thought I'd tell you... my refund from Uncle Sam this year is going to fund a much-needed new radio for my car. My old radio's been broken for four years. Now I'm finally going to get to replace it with something with a CD player on it. I'm excited!

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