I finally took the advice of a friend…

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April 2, 2004, 11:41 PM

In taking the advice of a friend, I went and bought a six-pack of Mike’s Hard Lemonade after work. And it’s pretty good. It tastes like lemonade, but has a little kick. So far, so good.

Meanwhile, I’m in pursuit of some new pants. As you know, I’ve stayed the same size for about five years now. And so I don’t have to buy new pants because I outgrow them. Instead, I buy new pants because I wear out the old ones. And considering I have some pants I bought in 1999 and still use, plus replacements in between, they’ve done quite a job for me. And now I’ve worn out enough to make it where I need to get some new ones.

I went to Casual Male in Roanoke, and tried out a lot of pants. Different sizes, different styles. I don’t want jeans, but I also don’t want dress pants. I actually tried out some cargo pants that I really liked, but we had a slight problem when it came right down to it. If they were the right waist, they were the wrong length. If the length was right, the waist was wrong. We figured out what the magic combination would be, but of course they didn’t have it in stock. Quite frustrating. So now I’m trying to figure out what to do next. I want something that will be able to take some abuse, be comfortable, and look good. Probably will find another Casual Male location or find another store that has what I’m after.

Otherwise, though, life is good. I’m trying to figure out a time to go to DC again, since I want to see some DC in the spring. See cherry blossoms. See “urban trees” in bloom. Ride the Metro. All that. I want to do a weekday, since those are interesting for different reasons than weekends. I’ll probably go on the 14th.

Then I’m going again on the 23rd for a protest. The protest is about the World Bank, coinciding with the meeting of the World Bank. I do not really have an opinion on the World Bank, but I want to get a good look at another protest, to compare against my April 12, 2003 anti-war march coverage. So that ought to be fun.