One computer down, and one more to go…

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March 30, 2004, 8:39 AM

Well! Monday night at Becky’s (the person whose computer I was fixing) in Harrisonburg was productive and fun. It was determined to be the W32.Welchia.B worm, after a Norton Antivirus scan was run. We also did some general housekeeping, running my favorite “spyware” cleaner, Ad-Aware, as well as getting rid of some unused programs.

We also had a load of fun that evening. We went to Chili’s on East Market Street for dinner after running the system scan, and then while we were out, went to OfficeMax to see if we could cash in on the “STORE CLOSING EVERYTHING MUST GO” sale going on. I didn’t get anything, but Becky and her roommate both found something. At 50-70% off, it’s quite a deal. Becky’s roommate got a DVD-RW for like $75, which I thought was pretty darn good. Amusing product: A do-it-yourself divorce kit. It’s actually a little box that supposedly has everything you need for getting a divorce. No wonder it was marked 70% off. I’d love to hear testimonials of people who used it: “I got a divorce-in-a-box and look at me now!”

After OfficeMax, we went a little bit down the street and headed over to Wally World, a store that all of us are much more familiar with. We bought some stuff, and we had a blast, and I brought my cell phone with me, and so we have pictures. A sequel to the Wal-Mart photo set from 2000? I don’t know, but I definitely got enough to make a photo set out of it for Life and Times. That will also mark the first time that the cell phone gets some extensive use with the Web site. But we had a blast, buying up some junk food, some stuff you want to keep away from the “bad ol puddy tat” (you’ll see), as well as hamming it up with the “quintessential Wal-Mart item”, Spongebob Squarepants, etc., etc., etc.

And today, we take care of Sis’s computer. I talked to my father on the phone earlier, and he wondered why I was leaving so early when she won’t have me until 7 PM. I’m like, “I’m making a day of the whole thing!” Unlike them, who prefer have no fun on these trips, preferring a strict down-and-back approach (which is fine for shorter trips), I like to make a day out of it, and have some fun. To that end, I’m bringing Big Mavica along with me as well as that box of clothes that I’m returning, and I’m going to have some FUN! I figure that since this trip will take most of my day anyway, with it being about two hours each way, I might as well just extend it to all day, and take it for me, too.

My parents do not understand that logic, but they also LIKE living in the country, both having lived relatively close to New York when they were growing up, and then during college (when they met) and for the first eleven years of their marriage (three-and-change of those years was with me), they lived a stone’s throw away from Philadelphia (specifically, Glassboro in New Jersey). Me, I don’t remember Glassboro too well, but then we lived in Rogers, Arkansas, which at the time was more like Staunton or Waynesboro. Rogers has grown up considerably since then, being more like Charlottesville or Roanoke nowadays. Then of course, we moved here. Very non-stimulating area.

So thus I need to get out. So I’m going to make a day out of it.

And look at the time… (actually, look at the time and advance it an hour, since the server’s on Central) I need to be getting ready to go if I want any time to myself. Ciao for now!

Web site: Information about the W32.Welchia.B worm from Symantec, which I successfully extricated from Becky's computer.

Song: A song I heard on a commercial that I don't know the words to nor remember what it was advertising, but a man sings it, and I have the rhythm in my head. They run it on Nick at Nite, if that helps any.

Quote: "Is this the quintessential Wal-Mart item or what?" - Me referring to an item in Sporting Goods in Harrisonburg. You'll see what it is in the photo set.

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