How did this dream come about?

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March 29, 2004, 9:41 AM

I don’t get this one. This is a strange dream that I had last night that I don’t understand at all how it came about.

In the dream, they’re scrapping the set for The Cosby Show. So far, so good. The show’s over, we rationalized, and so they’re dismantling the set since the show has ended its run. Heck, we even had an appearance from Theo’s friend Walter Bradley, better known to audiences as Cockroach. Don’t know why I was on the Cosby Show set, but there was the Huxtables’ living room, ready to get dismantled.

Cockroach, however, in my dream didn’t look like he normally did on the show. Instead he looked like he did in the episode where he and Theo were going to audition for a spot with “The Mannequins”, which required them to shave their heads. Theo never got that far, but Cockroach did, and shaved his head.

So in my dream, Cockroach looked like this:

Coakroach with shaved head

Anyway, though, here’s the weird part. I then go into the kitchen, which, instead of being to the left of the living room like we see on TV, it was actually around a corner and behind the living room. Go figure. Loop around.

But anyway, instead of the Huxtables’ kitchen in there, it was our kitchen from our house here in Stuarts Draft. And in there was not Cockroach or anyone else from The Cosby Show. No. It was my father. But yes, things were still being scrapped. He was scrapping the kitchen because of a problem with something in there. Weird.

The dream ended there, because then I was awakened by, of all the people to knock on my door, my father, telling me that I was still connected to the Internet, and if I would please disconnect so that he could use it.

If anyone wants to even try to tackle this one, be my guest.

Web site: Page with a synopsis of the episode of The Cosby Show where Cockroach shaves his head

Song: The Macaroni Sympony Hour, from an old Disney short. Recall that the reason the music sounded so bad was because the instruments were crushed after Goofy inadvertently put them under the elevator. Classic Goofy.

Quote: "No, there isn't anything wrong with Great Value brand candy corn!"

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