And we said it, and it was.

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March 28, 2004, 4:21 PM

No sooner did we say it, and another one said, “Here, smell this nasty meat!”

Pee-yoo. Gross.

Anyway… otherwise, I have two wonderful days off. Time enough to feel refreshed, and ready to come back to work and smell more nasty meat.

So there you go. And to Harrisonburg we go on Monday. I can’t wait. I get to see a friend and fix their computer, and I also get to run some errands while I’m up there. Generally just going to take care of a bunch of odds and ends while I’m around, and visit the old alma mater (that is also a frightening term to use, right along with “alumni”). I’m going to walk around campus and say, “Ah, this is just as I remember it!”

So fun.

And thus the first of the days off. And so there you go.

Web site: The old alma mater, where I am now considered alumni. Two very scary terms.

Song: Lobster Magnet, which came to mind after I found a rubber lobster at the Service Desk. Evidently, we sell these things.

Quote: "Smell this nasty meat!"

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