More flamingo photos!

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March 18, 2004, 11:52 PM

As promised, here’s some better flamingo photos…

Pink flamingoes in the Camdens' front yard

This is the whole yard, as seen from the street. Lots of pink flamingoes, let me tell you.

Pink flamingoes in the Camdens' front yard

This is a close-up on the fountain in the front of their yard, which is just crawling with pink flamingoes. Literally everywhere.

Pink flamingoes in the Camdens' front yard

More flamingoes. Gotta love it.

Also, in the fine game of one-ups-manship, I beat my own promises. As you saw in that third photo, there was a news crew over while I was taking some pictures. Check this out:

WHSV TV-3 news segment about the Camdens’ flamingoes

As you can see on the newscast, it seems to be a church fundraiser. The flamingoes are planted in someone’s yard overnight, and then after the host pays a “moving fee”, the flamingoes are moved to someone else’s yard.

And yes, that’s my house in the background when the minister is talking.

Meanwhile, an important thing to remember is that whatever you listen to right before going to work will be with you in your head all day. Yesterday it was Istanbul Not Constantinople, as in “That’s nobody’s business but the Turks!” Today, it was the “I will never ever ever write a song about the Sibbie” song from Strong Bad’s Email on

That was stuck in my head all day. In Strong Bad’s voice. I think I would have rather have heard the song about Fhqwhgads (pronounced foo-hoo-goo-gads with “oo” pronounced like foot).

Good song, though, that Sibbie beat.

Web site: Strong Bad cartoon about the fact that he will "never, ever, ever write a song about the Sibbie".

Song: Sibbie Song, plus "I Freakin Hate Sibbie!"

Quote: "Yes, that's right - flamingoes in my neighbors' yard."