What a surprise to find as I was leaving for work…

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March 17, 2004, 9:39 PM

Look at this:

Pink flamingoes on the neighbors' yard

This is our neighbors’ front yard. And it is covered with pink flamingoes. Yes, pink flamingoes. From what I understand, it has something to do with a church program, but I’m not sure what it is. Still, I was amused, and snapped a picture of it with my cell phone. I’ll take some higher-resolution ones with Big Mavica tomorrow before I go to work.

Still, pink flamingoes… that was a bit of a surprise.

At work, now, it was interesting. We were, as always, busy at the Service Desk. And today a customer indirectly gave the store a bit of a laugh. This customer was not exactly nice about how she expressed her thoughts, saying to me, “You seem like one of those nerve-wracking people. I would hate to have to work with you.” My exact thought about it at the time was, dissed and dismissed! However, it was very amusing to tell fellow associates, since as most of the associates in Waynesboro can tell you, I can take a little getting used to sometimes, and can come off as overbearing.

Still, after thinking about the comment, I was thoroughly amused. And everyone else got a kick out of it, too, since I’m fairly well-liked at Wally World, even earning the nickname “Crash” after I managed to accidentally ram one of the electric ride-on carts into the wall while I was parking it after a customer had finished with it. (The cart was fine)

Meanwhile, those blasted TV Land Awards have preempted my normal Nick at Nite programming. I’m not pleased by that turn of events. But at least I won’t have to see all those commercials with Brad Garrett anymore, where he says, “I’m just the host.”

Anyway, though, today was fun. Now the thing I need to do is plan out a sleep strategy. I work the closing shift on the Service Desk tomorrow, which ends at 11 PM, and then turn right around and come back in to open the Service Desk at 7 AM. So I have to figure out how I’m going to manage that one, and not be practically comatose on Friday morning. But at least I have the weekend off.

Web site: More pink flamingoes, though not our neighbors' flamingoes...

Song: "It's Such A Good Feeling" from Mr. Rogers. I occasionally sing it as I peel off my Wal-Mart vest and put on my jacket. Yes, it is as wacky as it sounds.

Quote: "...and you never even looked in the bottom of that ark! Have you looked down there? No! Who's going to clean up that mess down there? Not me!" - Bill Cosby, doing his Noah act, which I referenced today at some point.

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