Today I got majorly confuzzelated.

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March 7, 2004, 1:45 AM

Call it confused, confuzzled, or confuzzelated, but let me tell you… I was going in so many different directions today I probably couldn’t have told you which way was up.

New experience of the day: I got to spend an hour out in the parking lot doing carts. We have a machine that pushes, and is controlled remotely by the associate. Then the associate stands in front and steers. And it sure beats the heck out of pushing them by hand, which I also did some. It was also nice to spend some time outside, which was a nice change from the Service Desk, since we’re in what could almost be described as a well-lit cave.

And I learned that I can control a machine pushing a pile of carts that is about 50 feet long (at least) better than I can control one of the electric carts that people ride around the store. One time when I was greetering, I had to park one of those things after someone was done with it, and promptly backed into a wall. That, by the way, earned me the affectionate nickname “Crash”.

Otherwise, I finally got a clean copy of the original second-season theme for The Cosby Show! In case you’re wondering, the second-season theme that airs in syndication is a redone version based on the original. The original theme sounds like it was done with real instruments, mostly trumpets. The syndication theme doesn’t sound like real instruments. It also lacks what could be described as, for lack of a better term, a kind of “froggy” sound right as Cosby kisses the hand of Phylicia Rashad (Phylicia Ayers-Allen in this copy), as well as a sound effect when “STARRING” comes on-screen.

Plus let’s not forget that the theme’s high point is at the point where Rudy comes on-screen, as it gets really big and then goes back to normal.

And in case you’re wondering where I got this theme, Nick at Nite ran the original theme today on the first of two episodes, which was the episode where Rudy goes out for the football team. I was glad to catch that theme and record it. I taped it on the 10:00 airing, and then made a WAV of it (which will make its way to being an MP3), and a movie of it.

Web site: Fabiano Spinelli's awesome Cosby Show site

Song: Original second-season theme for Cosby Show

Quote: "Cliff, please let the woman sit down, she's been walking a long time!" - Clair Huxtable on Cliff's attempts at reciting the poem She Walks In Beauty

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