This is one day I was glad to have end…

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March 5, 2004, 11:48 PM

Yeah, this was just one day that I was glad to see end and go onto the list of days completed. Today just seemed to drag, with the Service Desk just hopping at the same time. I don’t know what it was, but I just am glad that the day is over.

Meanwhile, I’m trying to figure out what to do. I need to get out on one of my days off for this coming up week. Don’t know where I want to go. I just know that I am taking one day and going AWAY for the day, and dragging Big Mavica, my tripod, and my cell phone with me.

And I really don’t know where I want to go. All I know is that I am craving some city. I want to see tall buildings, I want to see people enjoying manmade surroundings, and I want to see the streets light up at night.

You see, I think that despite having lived in the country for quite a while, I find that I am still an urban person at heart. Realize that my parents both grew up less than an hour away from New York City (my mother in Ridgewood, New Jersey, and my father from Asbury Park), and then they lived near Philadelphia for about sixteen years (in and around Glassboro, New Jersey).

Of those years in Glassboro, I was around for about three and a half of them. And my mother took me into Philadelphia quite a bit. See? Urban exposure from an early age. Then in Arkansas, I lived in Rogers, which was part of a growing area consisting of Rogers, Bentonville, Springdale, and Fayetteville. Springdale and Fayetteville were some large cities, though nowhere along the lines of Philadelphia or New York. So more urban exposure.

Now I live in Stuarts Draft, and I feel a little stifled. Most of the buildings here are small and one or two levels tops. And lots of green spaces. And nothing to do.

So thus in order to keep my sanity while I’m living in the country, I need to get my city fix from time to time. Thus I’m going to head to the city. Who knows… I could go to Roanoke, Richmond, or Washington on one of my days off. Heck, if I really planned it, I could even do Baltimore.

And before you ask, Hampton Roads is just a touch too far to pull off in one day, going there and back in one day. For Hampton Roads, I need to spend the night somewhere. Williamsburg is about my limit going east on a one-day trip.

So the question remains… Richmond, Roanoke, or DC. I need to also get my Metro fix, thus giving DC a few extra points, but I’m concerned about parking, since it would be a weekday visit. Still, who knows… I could see some trains terminating at West Falls Church or see some CAF trains on the Orange Line. Who knows… maybe I could do my own edition of The Great Metro Adventure.

Who knows… it looks like I’m trying to talk myself into DC, but we’ll see…

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