A milestone in my redecorating project – my WMATA poster is on the wall!

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March 3, 2004, 12:53 AM

Yeah, take a look:

Metro map in place on the wall

And let me state it one more time – this is not a reproduction or an enlargement. This is the real McCoy. That is an authentic Washington DC Metro (WMATA) system map hanging over my couch. Now all we need is to put a Breda around that map, and hear the voice of Metro saying “Doors Closing!” and the piece will be complete.

But yeah, the furniture’s finished. Now all I have to do is put all my junk away again, and put all the posters and such back on the walls.

And yes, that is my jumbo Wal-Mart vest on the couch there, which I took home with me to wash.

Speaking of Wal-Mart vests, look at this:

Ben Schumin in the Wal-Mart break room

That’s a photo that a fellow associate took of me with his cell phone in the break room at work, with me looking just a tad too perky for a first break.

But anyway, though, that’s the story at this point, and the people in the TV are right. Nick at Nite helps turn my chore time into quality Nick at Nite time.

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