The couch returns!

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March 1, 2004, 11:00 AM

Yes, my couch has returned to my room, in a stunning morning feat before work. First of all, one of my new torchiere lamps was moved out of the way to make room to bring the couch back in. Then, the frame of the couch was slid, upended, into position, and then set down in its new location. Then I brought the mattress for the couch (my couch is a futon, by the way) back in, and set it down. And finally, we put the torchiere back in place, and we’re done.

And to think that now I have a place to sit when watching TV if I don’t want to use the computer, as well as a fantastic place to just plain old sit. Since I don’t like people to have to sit on the bed, since unless you’re sprawled out on it and ready to pass out, and then only if it’s really your own bed, do you really ever belong on the bed. So it’s off to the side and out of the way.

Meanwhile, we have some odd extra space behind the recliner. What to do with that is the next question. Perhaps we could quickly buy and assemble some shelves to fill the void, and also solve the video tape problem. Something to think about, as we move back into this room.

I will provide photos of the couch in place later, because right now, I need to get ready for work…

Web site: Under The Roof, a store in Charlottesville near UVA where I bought the futon. Nice place.

Song: Under The Boardwalk, for some reason

Quote: "And now to get ready for work..."

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