One corner painted, and no accidents.

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February 16, 2004, 12:57 AM

It took me like ten minutes to finish what I couldn’t finish last night due to the ladder collapse, and then from there I got out the roller and went at it. And so here’s what we’ve got:

Painting  Painting

As you can see, we’ve got a lot done, with one corner painted, a quarter of one wall done, and half of another done. And there is no more evidence that a video tape wall ever existed, as the patching from its removal has been painted over.

But we always have the photos and the memories of that unfortunate fixture. I was so happy to see that fixture disappear.

And from here, we move LEFT. In that left picture, showing the paint stopping between the two windows, I will be moving towards that unpainted window. Basically will complete a third of the painting job when that part’s done, with one whole wall, and a quarter of two other walls done.

Also, painting is deceiving. As you paint, you put on one color. Then it starts to dry, and it darkens slightly. And so it looks like you painted unevenly, as you have several different hues going on. Finally you then realize that you’re watching the paint dry, and need to step back. In the photos I showed you, the paint looks uneven because it was still wet. Now everything’s had some time to dry, and it looks uniform, except for one spot I missed near the ceiling near the left edge of the job so far.

Also, two benefits to the new paint in here. First of all, the new paint is darker than the previous off-white paint (also the room’s original paint job from 1992). So that means that any crud on the walls won’t show nearly as much. Additionally, while the old paint was plain flat latex, this is satin latex. What is the difference? Glossier than flat, but not as glossy as semi-gloss. Kind of in between the two kinds. But it will be much easier to clean than before.

Now that there’s significant paintage up, though, I’m officially excited about getting the job done. Hanging pictures, moving furniture back in, getting new furniture, and all that good stuff. Because even though the paint will be painted before too long, that doesn’t mean that the room will be done. It will really look like home once things start going up on the walls. As it is, this place has an echo, which is strange to hear. I yell back a reply to someone, and the walls amplify it as it bounces around the place. We’ll fix that with some more soft furnishings as well as some pictures and such. Possibly also some new window treatments, but that’s still in the think-about-it phase, plus the see-how-much-this-all-costs-before-deciding phase.

So there you go. Tomorrow, after work, more paint. Then I’m off Tuesday and Wednesday, and those two days, I’m doing some serious painting.

Web site: Which paint to use? A helpful Web site from Australia.

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Quote: "See, I'm not getting another stepladder. I'm getting out the good ladder from the shed and using that." - Me to some of my coworkers and my assistant manager in the breakroom at Wal-Mart, talking about how I was going to do the edging after the stepladder incident.

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