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February 13, 2004, 9:40 PM

Well! The floor has been cleared, the walls have been cleared, the walls have been spackled, the walls have been sanded, and now it is time to paint. After work, I bought three gallons of Colorplace paint, in that “Manatee” color that I told you about. I also bought a Mainstays brand roller kit, and a plastic shield for doing the top of the walls so I don’t get the ceiling like I did in my Potomac Hall room, as you can see:

Paint smudges on the ceiling, Potomac Hall room 461

I had a ring of paint around the ceiling where I tried to get good wall coverage despite that I couldn’t really reach the ceiling, so I had to reach with the roller. Here I don’t have that problem. The ceiling is much lower, and I can reach it on a stepladder.

I also dug up the clothes I painted in when I did my Potomac room. Those are already painty clothes. So we’ll break them out again and wear them. This is not a fashion statement, trust me.

So let the painting begin!

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