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February 12, 2004, 12:57 AM

And the spackling is done. Now it must have time to dry overnight, so I can attack it with sandpaper after work. And look at this, on the normal progress photos:

My room, spackled

My room, spackled

As you can see, it looks as if this room has a bad case of acne here, as it has little pink “zits” all over the place. However, just like a good zit, you’ve got to shear off the top of it to make it go away (yes, I’m an advocate of popping your zits), and you have to take good care of it until it’s time to attack it.

You could also say it looks like the room has chicken pox, but the spots look more like pimples. But anyway…

Here’s another good look at the “zit effect”:

My room, spackled

Okay, I’m amused. So sue me. And then after this dries overnight, we get to sand it off. Meanwhile, tomorrow after work I’m showing the parents what the battle plan is for painting, and for the rearrangement of this place, which will happen together. I’m also going over what colors I’m considering, as I need second opinions before actually taking the plunge and ordering up some custom colors.

And this spackle dries fast. Even since I took the pictures less than thirty minutes ago, the stuff is already mostly white. Just so you know, this spackle is pink when applied, and then it dries to a white color. That’s how you know when it’s ready.

And I’m also amazed that I managed to use an entire container (the small size) of pink spackle on this room. And I work fast, too. It went up in no time. And then when this project is done, I can look at it all, and say, “I am impressed! I did it all myself!”

And another thing. I slightly miss the videotape wall. I used to have a reading lamp clipped to it. Not anymore. For now, it’s clipped to a chair that I put in roughly the same place. It will be replaced with a torch lamp with an attached reading lamp when I’m finished.

Web site: How to spackle

Song: The "Rollback Man" song. And speaking of which, you should have seen me at the Service Desk today demonstrating to a coworker how the Rollback Man rolls back those prices with the little handheld scanner gun. Just call me James Bond. And I like my rollbacks shaken, not stirred.

Quote: "I did it all by myself!"

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