Reminds me of many “last days” in Potomac Hall…

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February 10, 2004, 1:48 AM

Logically following from the cleaning was the un-decorating. That took minutes to do, followed by a quick de-nailing, as I pulled out all the nails that held in all the pictures.

Which of course also means that my 1994 redecorating job and later alterations are officially gone. That redecoration is now gone, and all that’s left are the nail holes… at least until I spackle ’em up. I’m going with a different decor scheme in the new setup. Remember – we’re leaving the kiddie room behind, and introducing the adult room.

Still, let me tell you… it really feels different in here without the wall decor. Reminds me of my final days in Potomac Hall. There, I took all the wallhangings down on Wednesday of finals week, and then totally moved out on Saturday of the same week. It felt really weird without the decor on the walls, and now it feels equally weird in here without it, even though I’m not going anywhere.

But now that the decor is gone and a lot of furniture is missing, it looks really strange in here. Even the little curtains over the windows are gone. In some places, the walls are still in great shape. In other places, the walls have a lot of scuff-marks from the furniture and such. Some of the walls are discolored, from who-knows-what. Whatever’s wrong, after I spackle and sand it, the whole thing will get painted, and thus look really good once again.

Right now, though, I still have to remove the now-empty videotape wall shelves, plus give the spackle time to warm up (it was out in the cold garage). I also need to find a putty knife to apply the spackle, as well as find a flathead screwdriver to remove the shelves.

Then I also need to replace my whiteboard, which has officially lost half its title. You know how it’s called “dry erase”? We’re having trouble with the “erase” part. Plus it’s ten years old, and is starting to crack. So I’m getting a new board after work.

And I need to take progress photos again. Since we’re now officially at rock bottom on this remodel, as we’ve totally cleaned everything out, and ripped everything off of and out of the walls, I think it’s interesting to see now how we can improve this setting.

Web site: Customers Suck... it's an amusing Web site. And with this whole room-renovation thing, I'm going to be the customer from hell...

Song: Third season theme to Roseanne

Quote: "Now we've hit rock bottom here, and there's nowhere else to go but up!"

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