Progress photos!

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February 9, 2004, 9:09 PM

Well, I have some before-and-after photos for you to see. I finished the cleaning phase of this project and now the demolition phase can begin. In fact, I plan to take down pictures right after I eat dinner this evening. So let’s see before and after…

Before cleaning  After cleaning

That is my room standing by the door looking towards the opposite corner. Big difference, eh? And now #2…

Before cleaning  After cleaning

And this is the other corner, where the video tape wall is/used to be.

I’m also amazed how much junk I’ve thrown away or given away, or am otherwise getting rid of. I’ve gotten rid of four big garbage cans full of trash (those will become landfill), I’m giving away probably about a five-foot-tall pile of old books (those are going to Mom’s classroom, our church, and probably a library or something), and a lot of old clothes (Clothes Closet, which distributes clothes for the needy).

I’m also removing a wheeled cart, a two-drawer filing cabinet, a black bookshelf, and a big brown bookshelf. The large articles of furniture are being recycled elsewhere in the house, since for me they’re just repositories for junk.

Replacing that will be a taller but narrower bookshelf. Plus room for all my other furniture. So all in all, it will be nice.

And just so you know, in these pictures, some furniture and stuff is missing. The futon, as well as all the books and the videotapes and such are in “storage”. Basically, I stashed a lot of stuff in Sis’s room while she’s at Virginia Tech. I have to be out of her room by March 4, when she comes back from Spring Break.

So there you go. I got a lot done, don’t you think?

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