And the cleaning continues…

January 31, 2004, 12:35 AM

And the cleaning continues. I moved the clutter line about two feet back or so from where it was an hour ago. I unearthed some decor items that were slated to go up in here eventually, or used to be up in my Potomac Hall rooms. I also unearthed a big United States flag that was still in its packaging that I bought at Pentagon City Mall on the day I did The Schumin Web Salutes America II back in 2001, but that I couldn’t hang up at the time due to space constraints plus reach constraints (I couldn’t reach the spot I wanted to put it). I also found a bunch of books that I’d forgotten about, including a Dave Barry book. The books-without-a-home pile is now about two and a half feet tall. They will go on the new bookshelf I’m getting (and getting it at Wally World along with all my other new furnishings).

The goal in this cleaning is not only to clean and get rid of a lot of junk, but also to ultimately reach my futon couch, which is at the far end of the room, next to the windows. This way, there’s a clear space all the way across the room, so that we can move the couch out and into “swing space” (i.e. Sis’s room). Then after I get the couch out, I can clear out the junk along the perimeter (we have only dealt with junk in the middle of the room and along one wall so far, but that’s a lot of junk), and then the un-decorating begins.

Un-decorating. That will really be weird. Since wall hangings really make a room, after all, it will look really strange to see this place with bare walls. I don’t think that this place has had bare walls since about 1994 or so, when I last redecorated, which consisted of rearranging the pictures on the wall and hanging some new ones. But you have to clear it to make progress. Besides, a little less than ten years of minor alterations has destroyed the balance of my decorating scheme, as one wall is nearly bare, for one thing, and others look a little cluttered.

Plus it would look a little weird to paint around the pictures. Have to take everything down to paint around it.

So all in all, it’s going to be really cool. And my sister comes home again on March 5, which makes that my deadline for finishing the whole project, so she can have use of her room again.

Web site: Someone else's bedroom done up, and they talk about how they redecorated. Those walls, though, are more than I'd ever do.

Song: Metro "Doors closing!" chime sound, which I played for Sis over IM

Quote: "And you must admit it, those white wall-mounted shelves are hideous."

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