I reclaimed about half the floor space today…

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January 28, 2004, 1:17 AM

I reclaimed about half the floor space today, and I am pretty well impressed with myself. Actually, it’s a little less than half the room’s intended floor space, but still, that’s pretty good. I cleared out a CD tower, a bookshelf, a bunch of stuff I’ve not touched in ages, and found a good $2.00 in loose change in the process. Also found a vintage Wal-Mart receipt from Staunton (store #1344) from 1998, when Adam Anderson was manager there, according to the receipt. Changes between then and now is that Matthew Trautwein is now the manager, and they don’t use the old dot-matrix printers for the receipts anymore.

I think I actually filled up an entire garbage can out behind the house with junk that I got rid of. And that’s only the beginning.

Another interesting thing is the kind of imprints you find on the rug. Furniture that’s been sitting in the same place for years like that CD tower and bookshelf really left some imprints. Flat carpet, if you can imagine that. But even more recent stuff really left some imprints that need to be worked out of the rug. I figure that’s a job for vacuums and carpet shampooers to fix, both of which I’m taking across the carpet in here before I’m finished.

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