Two days, and I’m beat…

January 23, 2004, 12:38 AM

Well, as I probably already mentioned, we’re open. Yaaaaay. No more stocking shelves for me.

And guess what! People love our store! It gives me a nice warm feeling to hear that, and also when I see people buying the stuff that I put up on the shelves.

Meanwhile, I think I already said that I took “before” photos of my room in preparation for the big remodel. So how much progress have I made so far? Amazingly, very little. All my work so far has consisted of is going through a single bookshelf of kiddie books that I haven’t touched in ages and taking out maybe three books that I want to keep. The rest can be donated somewhere. And I’m getting rid of the shelf. So I can just give the books on the shelf all to Mom and she’ll handle it.

My next day off from Wal-Mart is Tuesday. My goal for that day is to put a major dent in the cleaning on this room. Because right now, despite having gone through a shelf, it doesn’t look like I’ve done anything.

Web site: A little article on Wal-Mart's "Mainstays" brand. Let's admit it - my room will be very much a "Mainstays Room" when I'm finished with it.

Song: Off-the-wall ending credits theme on Cosby Show - the episode where Theo moves in with Justine

Quote: Trust me, I've said enough today, having pulled my hair out on self-checkouts (I can get through one of those things with a few items in less than two minutes - why can't the customers all be like me?), ringing up customers on a normal register, and then shouting over the squawk box at the Service Desk. I've said enough. Let me be quiet.

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