How did I do it? Charm…

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January 16, 2004, 3:00 PM

Sometimes life will deal you the lemons already made into lemonade, to twist a well-known phrase into my good fortune. You see, somehow I managed to get a three-day weekend, having gotten Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday off from Wal-Mart.

Everyone at work was saying, “A three day weekend? How did you manage that?” I always say, “Charm.” Of course, “charm” really translates to, “I have no idea but I’m not complaining.”

Friday was an at-home and around-town day, and so I think I’m going to go out on Saturday. Maybe DC. Maybe otherwise. Who knows…

Web site: My Web site. Good enough for my day off. I worked on my new Transit Center site some today.

Song: I still have that Pepto-Bismol commercial in my head from yesterday...

Quote: "I'm off today! Wheeeeeeee!"

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