It is VERY cold today!

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January 10, 2004, 8:25 PM

According to Weatherbug, it is only seven degrees Fahrenheit (7°F) outside right now. What does that mean? COLD AS HELL.

And would you believe that at the beginning of this week, it was actually 70°F outside? Now it’s 7°F. Amazing.

And you can really tell the difference between a mere freezing point of 32°F and the cold of 7°F. One is just really cold. The other is cold AS HELL. Trust me. Putting the hell in it makes a difference. Now when someone says that they heated the hell out of it, you know what they mean.

Reminds me of my grandmother and her husband Bill. Grandma’s complaining that the cards weren’t very well shuffled. Bill, a retired marine, says, “I shuffled the hell out of them!” So Grandma says, “Well, the hell must have come back, dear.”

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Quote: "Well, the hell must have come back, dear."

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