I got my Hampster Dance CDs…

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January 7, 2004, 9:38 PM

You wouldn’t think it from looking at me, but I’ve been a Hampster Dance fan for some time now. Something about an altered Robin Hood sound clip that is so captivating, you know? Also how it’s spelled “Hampster” and not the correct spelling of “Hamster”.

So I went on Amazon and ordered “The Hampster Dance Party” and also “Happy Times Ten”. Of course, the true Hampsterdance song is on each CD somewhere, but still, who knows… Hampton and the Hampsters may be the Alvin and the Chipmunks of the new century. Though the Hampster Dance song is still my favorite.

And I like it because I remember when it was a simple internet phenomenon, with the hampsters dancing on screen with a simplified version of the Hampster Dance song. Nowadays, it’s gone commercial and all, but still, I love the tune, and I have six different mixes of the Hampster song on my computer, including a Cotton Eyed Joe remix, which is rather amusing.

And for that matter, I’m never going into a music store again. I asked about the “Happy Times Ten” CD, and got laughed at before being told that they don’t have them and that I can special order it (no thank you, after you laughed at me, I’ll take my money elsewhere). Goes to show that music stores don’t accept my type with eccentric musical preferences. So I’ll go online where I can shop with a better selection and without any of the stupid teenagers behind the counter.

Still, I love my Hampster CDs. And none of the family will listen to them with me, even going so far as to leave the room when I start playing them. Wimps.

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Song: Dee-da-dee-da-dee-da-do-da, dee-da-dee-da-do... (the Hampster song)

Quote: "Admit it! My Hampster Dance CDs are some awesome music!" - Me to Sis about my Hampster CDs

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