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January 6, 2004, 3:19 AM

Fresh from my first day at the new Wal-Mart in Waynesboro (which in itself was a great experience, and I’m pumped up for the January 21 grand opening once I get a vest that fits), I went down to Staunton Mall to Boyd’s Hairdressers to get a much-needed trim.

Now on a Monday night, the mall was SLOW. I think you could probably count the number of people in any one area of the mall on one hand. Seriously. Boyd’s was no exception. I was, in fact, their only customer.

Soooooooo… there are two employees, both idle, one reading a magazine. Seeing this, I jumped on the opportunity to get a quick haircut.

“We can’t take you until 7:00.” (It was 6:10 at the time) Why? The hairstylists were going to dye each other’s hair, “and the formula’s already been mixed.” Whine whine whine whine when they were reading a magazine when I came in the store.

A few lines like, “So you’re willing to turn away a paying customer?” and such turned them around, and I got my haircut, but not exactly service with a smile. Just as well, since I ended up saving a few bucks on the tip I didn’t end up needing to leave.

And why did this incident put them on my crap list? Because this is the second time that a similar thing happened. Previously, there were three idle employees in the front of the store, and another one in the back just getting off their lunch break. We had to wait for the lunch break employee to get finished with what they were doing before I got my haircut.

Needless to say, I’m never going there again. They burned through their chances.

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Quote: "No one's immature enough to actually have a... hey, nice craplist!" - Drew Carey on The Drew Carey Show on his new boss's crap list

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