No one said in orientation that Wal-Mart was a full contact sport!

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December 22, 2003, 12:38 AM

Yeah, Wal-Mart is a full-contact sport, it seems. Of course, the day after Thanksgiving, known as “Black Friday” (a day where I wore all black to be silly) is very much full-contact, with the customers practically killing each other for great deals.

Then there’s me – I’ve managed to hit myself in the face a few times with oddly-shaped-but-light items. Mostly wrapping paper. I’m trying to manage the wrapping paper, getting it from the belt to the bag, and in the process manage to hit myself in the head. Really smooth. There was another time when I accidentally hit the checkout light (you know, the red thing with the number on it) with a roll of wrapping paper. A small flurry of dust fell off of the number and onto me.

All in all, though, I like my job, and so that’s always a good thing.

It does, however, suck when you eat something that doesn’t agree. Before I went to work today, I had my first meal of the day. (Do you call it breakfast or lunch? I ate it at 1 PM.) I had what I call a “ham and cheese burrito”, which is my poor excuse for a wrap, basically being ham and cheese with a tube of flatbread rolled around it with some mayo on it. I also had some soup. Something didn’t agree with me, and as such I developed a slight temperature and started feeling really bad in the first part of my shift. The investigation centered on the “burrito” because a similar thing happened Saturday night after having one of my “burritos”.

Both burritos were made of the same meat, the same flat bread, and the same mayonnaise. The thing is, though, that the flat bread and the meat were bought only a few days ago. The mayo is a little older, since it takes a bit for us to get through that.

Now since I’d brought another “burrito” to have for lunch, and my small case of food poisoning centered on the burrito, I sensibly chucked it. I ended up going to the in-store McDonald’s for a replacement lunch. That of course reminded me of why I don’t particularly care for McDonald’s, but that’s beyond the scope of this journal entry.

After I got off work, I went and bought a new jar of mayonnaise, and when I got home, I chucked the old mayo jar. I also took advantage of the change to get the mayonnaise that I like, which is Kraft “Real Mayo”. Mom’s favorite mayonnaise is Kraft “Miracle Whip Salad Dressing”. I think the Miracle Whip doesn’t have much flavor. The Real Mayo stuff tastes a lot better. Same manufacturer, but I like the other flavor better. And with Mom’s Miracle Whip going bad on me, it’s all the more reason I like my flavor better.

I’m sure I’ll get some complaints from Mom for throwing away an unfinished jar of mayonnaise, but you know what they say… when in doubt, throw it out. So I tossed it.

And how did I get from Wal-Mart the full-contact sport to mayonnaise? Wow. This discussion really goes on, doesn’t it? Still, this is why I love my journal. I can talk about whatever I want, and just get all my thoughts out there and not keep any feelings bottled up inside. Now that I’ve gotten used to this journal and such, and figured out how to use it well, it’s really good. It’s a good place to vent, it’s a good place to talk about oddball topics, and it’s a good place to go to just let my feelings out.

You don’t know how good this journal makes me feel. It’s like an ATM for feelings. The “Timeless Therapist”, so to speak. Since I can put all my little thought bunnies into a written form on here, it helps me to organize my thoughts and figure things out. Thus why the journal makes me feel good. It’s really a good help in sorting out life.

And now I’ve been writing in this thing for at least thirty minutes. How time flies. This concludes my sermon for today, and have a good night.

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