The Wal-Mart Power Ranger

December 11, 2003, 10:59 AM

I can come up with the strangest ways of describing things sometimes. Here’s the latest gem that I’ve come up with…

When I went to clock in after lunch on Wednesday, I casually made the comment “It’s morphin time” just before I swiped my badge. I described it to say that clocking in is like putting on the Power Ranger suit (though note that the Waynesboro associates don’t have vests yet). And with the mighty register zord, my arsenal is complete to take on the customers.

My only disclaimer: I don’t look good in tights.

Still, there you go. Wal-Mart Power Ranger. What will I think of next?

Web site: Power Rangers - what else?

Song: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme

Quote: "Time to clock back in. It's morphin time!"

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