The scary part about finals is…

December 11, 2003, 9:41 AM

The scary part about finals is when you finish the final exam and turn it in, and know that you have completed all the work for the course, and you now have a final grade, and it’s just a matter of finding it.

It’s downright scary, too. You’ve finished your final exam in a course. So now, you have a grade, and there’s nothing you can do about it. And you don’t know what the grade is, for that matter, until some time next week.

So now is what we call the waiting game. La dee da dee doo… waiting, waiting, waiting. Nerve-racking is what it is. But anyway, on another topic…

I was waiting for the elevator at Taylor Down Under and talking to the desk attendant, and the fire alarm went off. Since I was in TDU, I went out through the main door, past the annunciator. It said that the alarm originated from a second-floor duct detector (a smoke detector in an air duct). Don’t know what caused the alarm, though. But it was cool to hear, plus see the strobes, needless to say.

So what else? I got $77 on my books. Amazing that I was able to take that much out of them for my books. I was pleased. Usually I get a couple bucks if I’m lucky. And every time I go to the JMU Bookstore, I swear it’s the last time I’m ever going there. Their service is terrible, and their prices are high. And they won’t tell me why they’re asking for my address on their form when they do buyback, especially since they ask for your student ID number right up front before they even scan your books, and that’s tied to all kinds of information. I can understand signing for the money, but the fact that they want my address and then won’t tell me why they want it on the other place doesn’t sit right.

So I put “123 Sesame Street” in there. And they didn’t catch it, and paid me cash. I win.

And Harrisonburg Transit has a new Gillig bus in their fleet now, running as ICS 2 today. Didn’t ride it because I was in a hurry, but that’s now on my to-do list.

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