It’s interesting way up here!

December 7, 2003, 2:54 AM

Well, my new chair was good, had no rips, was assembled, and my big can is sitting in it.

So how is it? It’s good! It’s firmer than my old chair, and arms that are shiny metal in places and padded in other places. The old chair had arms that were all wood (real wood, mind you). This one also has an all-metal wheel setup, whereas the old one had all the structure made of metal, and wood covers (again real wood). The wood covers were only glued on, though, and were known to come loose from time to time and had to be kicked down. It also raises up higher than my old chair, which is rather interesting, since I can actually dangle my feet in this chair, which I couldn’t do before due to not being able to elevate that high.

For now, I stashed the old chair in Sis’s room (she’s at Tech, so it’s not like I’m inconveniencing her or anything), along with the box, since I don’t feel like taking the box out right now (it is nearly 4 AM), and someone might want the old chair.

I remember when I bought the old chair and retired my two-chairs-ago chair, Kevin Carlton and Chris Derusha, my next-door neighbors in McGraw-Long, gladly took it, removed the base from it, and lashed it onto one of the JMU-issued chairs.

Still, I found it time to retire the chair, and so there you go. I figure we’ll either get rid of it, or it will find another use somewhere, though mind you, it will no longer go up and down, and so is now perpetually stuck in the “down” position.

But hey, I have my new chair, it’s great, it goes to much higher heights than the old one did, it’s black (my favorite color for accessories), and it’s not defective. So yay!

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