As if it being a large, heavy box wasn’t enough…

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December 6, 2003, 12:19 AM

Well, I bought that new office chair that I had my eye on after work today. So I came home, carried this big, bulky box from the car upstairs to my room, unwrapped it all, started putting it together, and found…

A rip in the side of the cushion. I’m thinking, “Ah, CRAP!” Because now this means that I have to return this chair and get another one, one that HOPEFULLY won’t have a rip in it. Thankfully, though, I work at the place where I got it, and I kept the receipt, and so it’s not like I’m making a special trip or anything.

Still, this means I have to tape it all up, take it back down the stairs, load it up in the car again, and load it up into a cart again, take it to the service desk, and return it. Not what I want to have to do tomorrow.

But at least I work at the place where I bought it. I figure I’ll probably return it before work, and then get another one after work.

Still, it feels so weird being a customer at Wal-Mart and being waited on right after eight hours being on the other side of the counter, waiting on paying customers. Oh, and at the register I had just vacated like 20 minutes earlier. It’s slightly amusing.

Web site: Just a reminder of what old chair this new one is replacing...

Song: The theme to "Three's Company"

Quote: "Ah, CRAP! A rip! $%#@..."

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