Yay for late night at Wal-Mart…

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December 1, 2003, 2:52 AM

I really don’t mind the 4:30-1:30 shift at Wal-Mart… until about 11 PM. Then it starts to suck. And it’s not the employees or the working conditions or anything. It’s the customers. Or more like lack thereof.

See, working cashier at Wal-Mart is an enjoyable job. I get to interact with people, smile a lot, and it keeps me busy to the point where I lose track of time and I’m thinking, already? when the CSMs close my line to go on breaks. But around 11 PM and thereafter until I get off, the customers drop off, and it gets kind of SLOW. I’ll get maybe one customer every ten minutes or so. Maybe I’ll get two in a row if I’m lucky. But it’s slow. Thus I like days because I can stay busy and it makes the day go by quickly.

But then it’s interesting, though, what people call this little number:


Some people call it a “cart”, some call it a “basket”, and some call it a “buggy”. I call it a shopping cart. We actually discussed this once, and we concluded it was a regional thing. Since I’m originally from New Jersey, that’s why I call it a cart. People from around here more often will call it a buggy. It’s interesting, and there seems to be no official term for it. Call it a buggy all you want, but it’s a shopping cart to me. Still, an interesting discussion. Of course, it’s just like how I call a soft drink a “soda”, others call it “pop”, others call it a “Coke” no matter what brand it really is, etc. So there you go.

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