No turkeys!

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November 29, 2003, 12:45 AM

Today marks the first day in my career with Wal-Mart that I did not ring up any turkeys. My goodness, I really did ring up a lot of turkeys in my first week, and you really get some exercise pumping turkey, since those birds are heavy, and even heavier when they’re frozen. They make a considerable “thud” sound when they touch the bottom of the bag, safely resting on that little bag carousel that we have in Staunton.

Also, something amusing: In honor of it being Black Friday, I wore all black to work today. It was a real hit with the other associates, as they agreed I dressed appropriately.

Web site: An amusing cartoon about frozen turkey

Song: Deep and Wide

Quote: "I'm like James Bond with my hand scanner, and also a character in a western." (Note that I blow the "smoke" off the end of my hand-scanner after scanning someone's product)

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