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November 28, 2003, 2:30 AM

It is up to my sister to come up with a better picture than my November 2003 picture for the splash page. She said, upon seeing it, “What are you doing to that poor dresser?” I will admit – after being told what it looks like, it does look like I’m humping the dresser, but I swear it was totally innocent. Ask Kathleen from LPCM, who took the picture, and she’ll tell you that it was innocent, too.

So my sister is in charge of December’s picture. She needs a little coaching on what I want in a picture. She wants to find a premade image of a buff guy totally naked except for a Santa hat covering his you-know-what, and photoshop my head onto it. I rejected it out of hand. No way on that one.

She still has to come up with something, and it had better be better than that last idea. I’m interested to see, myself…

Web site: See the picture that we at LPCM (since it came from an LPCM event) describe as "Bewailing the dresser's virginity"

Song: What do I look like, the music fairy? Get your own song!

Quote: "You might remember me from such LPCM events as burning hamburgers, and bewailing the dresser's virginity."

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