And a side note – always make sure your batteries are fresh

November 28, 2003, 2:20 AM

Yeah, I was writing the previous journal entry, and my keyboard died on me. Now for those of you who don’t know, I use a wireless. Both my keyboard and mouse have no cords, and I have a receiver on my desk for them both.

So I’m writing my previous journal entry about how FCUK dictates exactly how to give the change out, and the keyboard dies. It won’t type another thing. So I go into crisis mode. First of all, I “evacuated” my journal-entry-in-progress from the Web form to a text file by using mouse commands, thus ensuring that I wouldn’t lose what I was working on. Next, after pressing “connect” buttons on my equipment, I restarted. Still no luck. No signals.

So I went downstairs to where we keep the batteries, and found some Duracell “Procell” batteries, which are supposedly professional alkaline batteries (probably a fancy way of saying “expensive”, but that’s besides the point). I popped those babies in, and it came back to life.

And the peasants rejoiced.

And the lesson learned? When it’s been about a year and a half since last replacing the batteries, the odds are pretty good that it’s the batteries that are at fault when things go down. Of course, the keyboard’s not bad. The mouse needs batteries at a little less frequently than once a month. Of course, my mouse is an optical mouse, and not a mouse with balls. So it has a laser to power, thus its more frequent downtime. But still, there you go.

Web site: Duracell - the company that makes the batteries.

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