And the story comes back from my first college party…

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November 1, 2003, 5:04 PM

Well, I went out with a number of former Potomac-ers, like Patrick, Chris, Jackson, Jason, Will, and Adam, as well as several others. You’ll of course recognize the people from College Life. Since it was Halloween, I wore the scariest thing I owned, which is how I describe my “I Bleed Schumin” shirt. Patrick went as a crocodile (in an inflatable costume no less!), Jackson went as a lifeguard, Chris as a pirate, Jason was… something else (hard to describe), plus we had a hula dancer, road signs, a cop, Billy Joel, and much more.

I think all in all I had like five beers, maybe four or five shots of vodka, plus a trip with the “ice luge”, which is basically where you put your face on the end of a groove in a big block of ice, and people pour alcohol down the groove into your mouth.

Needless to say, I was blasted. Totally smashed. However, I was a happy drunk, getting very friendly, even as I was kind of running into one wall after another and leaning on everyone and everything. I would dare say I was hanging on everyone at least once through the course of the evening. Still, I felt so light on my feet! My legs felt like rubber as I tried to maintain my balance. My face also felt like rubber, which was an interesting feeling. But yes, I was very drunk.

I got back to Jackson and Patrick’s apartment around 12 midnight, and then another group wanted to go to La Hacienda, which is a former Howard Johnson’s location on South Main Street that’s now a Mexican restaurant. They had to talk me out of going with them, since I’d had a little too much to drink. So I stayed at the apartment to begin the long process of sobering up.

I did fairly well after that until about 4 AM. Then it hit me, and I puked. And I didn’t make it to the bathroom, sad to say. If the door had been open, maybe I’d have made it. But no. But I felt better after that. But I was embarrassed about the whole thing.

I slept for quite some time, and then showered, changed, and we decided what to do with the rug. We determined it would be cheaper to go back to Stuarts Draft and get my parents’ carpet cleaner. So I went and returned, with carpet shampooer in tow (I had sobered up by then). It wouldn’t dispense the carpet shampoo (don’t know why), but the steam-cleaning still did wonders for it, making it look good as new.

All in all, it was a good night out, though I really overdid it when it came to drinking, as I got very drunk, and was telling everyone, “Oh, I’m so drunk” as I was hanging on things to stay up. I’m told I was quite amusing. But since I don’t drink very often, and even when I do, I usually only have one drink, I don’t know my limits. But I do know that what I did on Friday night was too much. And thank goodness for Patrick looking out for me.

We also had quite a number of “fun saver” cameras going all evening. I took Big Mavica with me to Harrisonburg, but I didn’t take Big Mavica with me since I didn’t want to be drunk and worrying about my expensive camera. Best to use other people’s cameras. They’ve promised to send me pictures from the evening, and expressed interest in being on Schumin Web, and so hopefully there will be something from Friday evening on there.

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