Guys want to support breast cancer awareness, too, but not all of us are secure enough in our masculinity to wear the shirts…

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October 30, 2003, 6:56 PM

Look at this picture, an LPCM file photo that I took way back in fall 2002:

LPCM dinner

The girl on the left is my friend Laura from LPCM. She is wearing the pink “MADISON” shirts that a group on campus is selling in regards to raising money to fight breast cancer. Now I’m all for supporting medical research. Anything that gets people to the next birthday is great by any means. I just think that pink alone is limiting their market just a little bit.

I would dare say that most men, including myself, would not dare wear the shirt because it is a bit of a girly shade of pink. Now there are those pink dress shirts for men, but they’re a little manlier looking. Different shade of pink. But most guys are not secure enough in their masculinity to wear the pink Madison shirt. However, I think that most guys also would find it’s a great cause to support.

Here’s what I propose:

Make two different styles of the t-shirt. Run one style exactly as it is. Pink writing on lighter pink. Then run a second style that substitutes blue for pink. Blue writing on lighter blue. I think that guys would buy that. I know I would, and I’d feel good supporting the effort to help stamp out breast cancer. Now I realize that the whole color for breast cancer stuff is pink, but also remember that a good amount of the population is male, and think of how much funding the movement would receive if they also sold blue shirts. I’d buy one.

Reminds me of the comment in either Windows for Dummies or DOS for Dummies (I’m sure that right after I publish this, someone will tell me) about renaming files. You have a big manly guy with the name “Pink Gardenia”. Now that’s not a manly name. But he can go to the courts to get it changed to “Blue Gardenia”, which is a little more manly.

Web site: Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

Song: "We've got a store that I explore when the customers aren't here anymore..." (From Today's Special)

Quote: "A suggestion for you? Offer it in blue as well."

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