Well, part one of the battle is solved…

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October 22, 2003, 1:53 PM

Well, it turns out that some filters at Schumin Web were eating the Emails. My tech people will be hearing from me. Meanwhile, though, we sent the GoDaddy authorizations through a different route, and I was able to authorize them just fine. Now I pulled all the eHost strings I was supposed to, getting the authorization codes for some and unlocking others, and so the domains ought to move right over just fine, though as the losing (or should we say loser) registrar, they could still screw it up. But we all hope they don’t…

Web site: GoDaddy, my new registrar, the "gaining registrar" for transfers

Song: Sing a Simple Song

Quote: "You know, my spam filters are for all the usual stuff, those people that want to give me a mortgage with low, low rates, people who want me to enlarge my penis, and those people who want to give me porn, porn, and more porn."

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