Back from Pittsburgh, and what a time it was…

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October 20, 2003, 9:41 PM

I actually got back from Pittsburgh yesterday, but I was SO tired yesterday, this journal was about the last thing on my mind.

Anyway, though, it was interesting. We worked at a soup kitchen, we helped with distribution of food, visited a drop-in center for homeless people, and of course, our main event: cleaning carpets at Sojourner House, a facility for mothers recovering from drug addictions.

On Saturday night, after everything was finished, we went out on the town, and met up with my friend Patrick Jarrett, who I’ve known for several years online. He gave some of us a tour of the town, and we also rode the Incline and rode “The T”, which is Pittsburgh’s light-rail system (their equivalent to Metro).

On Sunday, we attended two worship services. First we attended the Samaritan worship service at East Liberty Presbyterian Church (where we also spent each night), which was with the local homeless population and their supporters. That was a rather informal affair, but it was quite the experience nonetheless. After that, we went to the Lutheran University Center, which is basically the Lutheran Campus Ministry for all the different colleges in Pittsburgh. What a lovely place it was! We attended a worship service with them, which was a traditional Lutheran worship service. The sermon, however, had something none of us expected: Scene 14 from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. That was the “She has huge… tracts of land!” scene. The minister called for volunteers to do the at-the-time mystery scene, and one of our people volunteered. We had no idea that he could act like that! What a job! (Needless to say, we were impressed)

All in all, the whole experience was quite an experience. I learned a lot, and realized how well I have it in life. I may complain about things in my life, but this helped me realize how good my life truly is. I know that there will be a roof over my head from day to day, and I have food to eat.

Web site: East Liberty Presbyterian Church, where we stayed each night

Song: Believe it or not, Yo He Ho was the song of the weekend...

Quote: "Okay, the cleaner needs more sauce! Where's the sauce?"

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