Let’s drink a big soda and ride the Yellow Line!

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October 9, 2003, 12:42 PM

Metro finally got a public restroom in a station! A self-cleaning restroom has been installed at Huntington. What this means is that every 30 minutes, the restroom closes up and cleans itself. Interesting idea… I wonder if it catches on. I also hope that it’s really totally clean after the guy before you has done his business. Hmmm…

And they installed it at Huntington, too. Huntington Station shows up in some of my “Urban Comparison” pictures way off in the distance. Finally, this will give me reason to go to Huntington and ride the inclinator there.

But not before first having a BIG soda…

Web site: WMATA Press Release about Huntington restroom

Song: None

Quote: "Yellow line to Huntington." Doors closing! (Bing-bong)

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