And they called her “Isabel”…

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September 17, 2003, 11:41 AM

The interesting part about living in Virginia is that from time to time, you do end up getting a hurricane coming through. According to all the weather people, we’re supposed to see it here. I remember Hurricane Fran in 1996… that caused a lot of wind, and a lot of rain. I also remember Hurricane Opal from 1995, which came through our area along Hurricane Camille’s old path, and rumbled on through here as a tropical depression. We actually had school during Opal, and I recall strong winds, and I also remember exactly how dark the clouds were compared to normal rain clouds. But Opal didn’t rain, interestingly enough.

Now unless Isabel does what Hurricane Felix did in 1995, where it stalled offshore and then went out to sea, we’re going to see some fancy weather around here. It should be interesting…

Web site: National Hurricane Center

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