A mass of different “personality assessments”

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August 28, 2003, 12:01 PM

Sometimes, you’ve just got to have fun, and so I’m having fun this afternoon with some of those “What kind of _____ are you?” assessments. They’re fun, I find them rather meaningless in the big scheme of things, but now that I have an online journal, I can post these, because they are quite fun to do.

What kind of sushi are you?

I am Temaki sushi band rolls

Which Care Bear are you?

Grumpy Bear Bedtime Bear
Yes, it was a tie.  I’m both Grumpy Bear and Bedtime Bear.

Which piercing are you?


Which stereotype are you?


Which macaroni and cheese are you?

Not Macaroni and Cheese
Hey, I smell something fishy here… oh my, its YOU! You are “Not Macaroni and Cheese”. Did you miss the point of this completely!! You ain’t cheesy! You ain’t representin’, you ain’t keeping it real!

And just to show how non-seriously we actually take these tests…

The Internet Addict Test

Web site: Don't you have enough links here to feast your eyes on? But since it would be rude to leave this space blank, here's one more...

Song: "I'll make all your dollars mine... kiss me where the sun don't shine!" (From Whammy)

Quote: "What kind of refried bean are you?"

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